Salt is a remarkable thing. We get asked the same questions by new acquaintances. Is it an acronym? What does it stand for? Why name your company Salt?

An essential element in the diet of humans and animals- and even of many plants- salt is one of the most effective and most widely used of all food preservatives. That is how we view our services… as a crucial element to your business, which provides sustainable services to you, and which enables your services to be stable and reliable. 

Salt’s industrial, medical and other uses are numerous, and add significant value to those industries. Without it, some chemical processes simply would not bear the desired results. And similarly, SALT Essential IT fulfils a crucial and unique role in the Namibian, and African, business communities. No other ICT Service Provider, can offer the mix of products and services that we do.

In fact, salt has been such an important element of life that it has been the subject of many stories. Some cultures ascribe magical powers to salt. And indeed, therein lies another synergy with our namesake- we have been known to make the impossible, possible, for our Customers. 

Also, salt has been made famous throughout history for having paved new infrastructures into the future, such as the Salt Road of the Mediterranean. Salt IT too paves the way with innovative new technologies and IT solutions in our markets. 
Last but most definitely not least, the Salties are very proud to be part of the Salt family. To earn anything of value, you must be worth your Salt. To be worthy of our customers, is what we strive for every day.

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Salt is a full service ICT Provider with extensive experience and internationally recognised expert knowledge and skills.

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