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Salt is Essential IT.

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Salt is a full ICT Service Provider with extensive experience and internationally recognised expert knowledge and skills. We are the perfect partner to take the responsibility of implementing, managing and controlling your IT needs, allowing you complete business enabling, continuity and flexibility by adding proven financial value and lowered risk. Being good listeners, we are insightful about your unique requirements, we are reliable, consistent and experienced and above all, we are really good at what we do.

As a Managed Service Provider we provide you with a wide porttfolio of services and products via our own Data Centres. Read more ...

Our business enables yours. Salt is Essential IT.


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Online Backup - Recover 100% of your data, not just 96%!


Another first for Namibia! We offer fully encrypted, online backup services via the Internet or fixed lines on enterprise storage facilities in our data centre. Get rid of your old, trouble-some backup devices and procedures. Read More...




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PRTG Network Monitor

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