Just like Salt is an essential ingredient in every dish, cloud technology is an essential ingredient to your business transformation.

Salt is one of Africa’s select award winning Microsoft Direct Cloud Solution Providers, supporting customers ranging from small and medium business to enterprise.  Changing your technology can be daunting and expensive if not supported by the experts.  We ensure that you benefit from the perfect solutions to drive your business’ growth and digital transformation.  

We have proudly been serving 1000’s of organizations since 1998 with personalized solutions delivered by internationally certified subject matter experts. Your business is our priority, and this is why our team is here to support you around the clock, offering 24×7 support.

You are here because you want the best technology for your business, get in touch so that we can show you how!

Listen to what Salt customers have to say about us.

"With Salt’s solution, we are saving 57% on our connectivity link costs every month while getting a 75% increase in Bandwidth!"

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Werner van der Westhuizen
Plastic Packaging

"Our new SimpliVity environment simply improved our turnaround time when deploying new services. It makes the management of the environment a lot easier, we need less bandwidth for our DR site, we have a lot more space in our data center, and we use less electricity for cooling. It’s a total win situation."

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Christiane Fendler
Infrastructure Manager, Salt Essential IT for UNAM

"We worked closely with SALT Essential in evaluating Exchange Online and it became clear that it is a very reliable service with wide functionality and is extremely easy to administrate."

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Jacques Kruger
Group Information Officer for Pupkewitz Holdings

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